Tailored Solutions

Some applications require significant expansion of standard technology to develop products that are oriented for their unique specifications. Such developments may require not only special stabilization and screening, but they could require new configurations and technology refinements as well. Our Application Engineering team is dedicated towards offering tailored solutions suited for your unique specifications. Some examples of such enhancements:

  • Resistance value and tolerance: capabilities beyond ranges specified on the standard product datasheets (including absolute and matched tolerance)
    • Extremely low and predictable TCR
    • Extremely tight resistance deviation from nominal to 0.001%
    • Very tight resistance ratio limits
    • Very close response to ambient temperature variation of two or more resistors  
  • Load life: excellent stability of the resistance values and long term reliability
  • High precision current sense with high power ratings under specific conditions
  • PRND: high precision resistor network devices are custom-designed, hermetically sealed networks that can be configured to a circuit schematic and specifications the customer desires. Multiple resistors are deliberately arranged within the devices and connected by gold-wire bonding maintaining ratios of 0.005% and tracking within 0.1 ppm/°C
  • High temperature: special construction configurations to meet the requirements necessary in order to operate under extreme environmental conditions
  • PMO: post-manufacturing operations enhance the already superior features of VPG Foil Resistors
  • Total  Error Budget (TEB) - a combination of the following: initial resistance tolerance, stability under working conditions (e.g. overload, conditioning, thermal shock, etc.) and very low absolute total drift