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VPG Foil Resistors' brands are globally known for consistently delivering unparalleled precision, stability and reliability. Employing and refining our unique Bulk Metal® Foil technology since 1962, our ultra-precision technology consistently outperforms all other resistor technologies, resulting in a track record as the solution of choice over other options. We also offer the expertise and resources to deliver a completely customized solution for any application.

Precision and reliability are the heart and soul of VPG Foil Resistors. For decades we have been known to produce supreme quality products complying with the strictest global standards worldwide. As market demands, we’ve extended our product line with APR – our new brand for standardized products.

VPG Foil Resistors is providing you with the widest selection of highly precise and reliable foil resistors from made-to-order to standardized, that meet any required qualifications.




VFR – Bulk Metal Foil® Foil precision resistors produces AAA-class resistors made-to-order, offering high standing reliability and best longterm stability, meeting the EEE /QPL standards.

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Alpha Electronics

Alpha Electronics provides AA class foil resistors, high precision programmable certified resistance decade boxes, primary & secondary standard resistors. Custom designs for thin film resistors and RTD simulators complying with MIL standard.

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Powertron provides AA class high precision power current sense foil resistors in lower resistance and custom design for thick film power resistors complying with MIL standards.

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APR provides off the shelf A+ class standard surface mount resistors packaged in tape & reel and power current-sense resistors with resistance values based on E24 & E96 codes complying with the AEC-Q200 standardization.

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